Treatment Vs. Remediation

Understanding the difference

What is mold remediation?

-Remediation is basically mold removal through cleaning and disposal. Generally a mold remediation effort can be an expensive process. When containing the area and doing the mold remediation, professional techniques, tools and protective gear must be used.

Mold remediation steps typically include:

Taking air quality and moisture tests to locate, investigate and count the amount of mold spores/mold in your environment.When the area is located, containment of that area is vital to keep the mold spores that will be disturbed from remediation process.Using HEPA filtration and negative air handlers to keep contaminated air out of other areas and filter the mold spores out of the air.Certified, trained and experienced Technicians who wear complete body suits with hood, boots, gloves (taped to suit so no air will enter) and high quality respirators along with goggles.


All contaminated materials to be removed from the contained area are bagged and disposed of properly.Restore the area to original condition, repairing the structure if necessary.


Each contractor will have their own procedures of Mold Remediation for the client to choose from for their home’s or business’s individual need.

What is mold treatment, prevention and control?

The Microbial Defense System (MM1 and MM2) protects your home or business investment against the harmful effects of water intrusion and moisture, inhibiting the growth of mold, bacteria, and fungi.


MM1 and MM2 is a two part system that is a safe, efficient, and warranted product proven to kill a variety of bacteria, viruses and mold and prevent the return for extended periods of time. This product provides a superior alternative to less effective methods of dealing with microbes.


Application of our proprietary formula does not harm substrate color or surface quality. You can even paint over the treatment area without losing any effectiveness.


MM1 is an EPA registered, multi-purpose, anti-microbial, based on quaternary ammonium salts. It is a bactericide, virucide, disinfectant, fungicide, cleaner, mildew stat and deodorizer.


MM2 is a unique, proprietary, patented sealer.


This unique combination of ingredients significantly enhances the system’s capabilities, making it extremely safe, effective, and economical.